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Although driving a car or truck is something we all take for granted, it’s actually one of the more dangerous things we do every day.


While accidents can be as simple as a bent fender, they can also result in severe injuries, multiple surgeries, the loss of a limb, and death. And while an automobile accident only takes a second or two, the pain can last a lifetime.


From the financial ruin caused by medical bills, to lost wages, to mortgages that fall behind, school payments that fall short, and Christmases that don’t feel like they used to, the financial repercussions of automobile accidents aren’t over when the scene is cleared of debris.


And frustration, anger, and depression are very real consequences of this specific kind of loss. 


No attorney can solve all these problems or give you back the life you had before your accident. But with the right attorney, you can rest and recover with greater peace of mind. 


Tested experience, thorough knowledge of the law, and the backbone to fight insurance companies rather than settle for less than you deserve. 


That’s what Michael L. Hebert promises.


You’ll begin by meeting in person and face-to-face. Mr. Hebert will focus on what you have to say, and this discussion often leads to a different understanding of the accident than what’s shown on the police report. 


Was a stop sign missing? Was a signal light malfunctioning? Was another vehicle involved? Was there a drop from the road surface to the shoulder, deep ruts, or giant holes? Was the surface uneven or covered by water? Did a tree limb obstruct a stop sign? 


Mr. Hebert will begin to assess if another party’s negligence may have played a part in the accident, making that party responsible for some of the damages.


These are critical questions to consider.


The minimum amount of insurance required in Louisiana is just $15,000. That’s not going to be enough money to pay your medical bills, reimburse your lost wages, and hire extra help around the house while you recover.  


The more serious the automobile accident, the more likely your injuries create permanent problems. In cases like these, every potential cause of action should be explored, but that takes time and determination. 


Michael L. Hebert will make the time to defend your rights against insurance companies.


You will leave your initial meeting with a good idea of the process and a rock-solid understanding of your legal options and the laws that apply to your case. Your questions will be answered, and Mr. Hebert will hear what you have to say.


As we get to work for you, the firm will contact all possible insurance companies so that a file is opened and communications begin. Once an adjuster is assigned to your file, we’ll provide personal service and answer any questions you might have.


You’ve got enough to worry about. Let us do the fighting for you.


We’ll work side-by-side with the doctors of your choice to get you the very best care available. 


And, if a referral to a specialist is needed, whether that’s an orthopedist,  a neurosurgeon, a vascular specialist, or a plastic surgeon, we can help there, too. Mr. Hebert stays up to date on the best specialists in South Louisiana, and he can provide the guidance you need when you don’t know where to turn.


When you’re hurt and your life has been overturned by an automobile accident, Michael L. Hebert is there for you.

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