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Born and raised in Abbeville, Louisiana, hard work has been a simple fact of life for Mr. Hebert.

In high school, he went to work for his father in the commercial and residential construction business. Forming concrete and digging footings, roofing, unloading trucks, and insulating attics in the sweltering summer heat, Mr. Hebert did it all. 

In college, Mr. Hebert went to work for a small engineering design and surveying company in Abbeville. He set a lot of corners, measured miles of asphalt for overlay, and carried forests of tomato stakes across the Grand Chenier Marsh to establish boundaries.


He soon graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, and took up this trade in Lafayette. After obtaining his Professional Engineering license, he formed his own company, MLH Development Consultants. In this capacity, Mr. Hebert represented real estate developers in the design, drafting, planning commission approval process, and construction of residential and commercial developments.


But despite his success as an engineer, Mr. Hebert didn’t feel he was accomplishing as much as he should.


He decided to pursue law, enrolling in the Paul M. Hebert School of Law at Louisiana State University and graduating with his Juris Doctorate degree. He was quickly admitted to both the Louisiana and Texas Bars, allowing him to practice in both states.

Since then, Mr. Hebert has worked in the general law, in personal injury, and in construction law. Personal injury has continued to be his passion, as it allows him to help people in need stand up for their rights and repair lives damaged by accidents, negligence, and criminal behavior.

Today, you’ll find Mr. Hebert working just as hard as he did as a young man, using his hard-won education, knowledge, and experience in defense of his clients.

About Attorney, Michael Lee Hebert

Personal injury firm, Law Office of Michael L. Hebert, opened in 1998.

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Louisiana State Bar Association
State Bar of Texas
American Bar Association
Louisiana Association for Justice
Baton Rouge Bar Association
American Society of Civil Engineers
Workers Injury Law & Advocacy Group
Federal Bar Association


Seminar Instructor

June 28, 2012
Instructor: “Selected Issues in Workers’ Compensation”,
presented at the Baton Rouge Bar Association, Workers’ Compensation Section seminar

November 8, 2011
“Selected Evidence Issues”, presented to the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Judges, annual CLE program


September 23, 2011
Instructor: “Damages in Personal Injury”, presented at the National Business Institute seminar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

December 28, 2000
Instructor: “Premise Liability Update – New Approaches”, presented at the Louisiana Trial Lawyers Seminar, “Yours To Choose” in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


December 15, 2000
Instructor: “Workers’ Compensation”, presented at the Baton Rouge Bar Association, “CLE By The Hour”, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

July 11, 2000

Instructor: “Advanced Workers Compensation in Louisiana”, presented at the National Business Institute seminar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

May 11, 2000
“Workers Compensation Update 2000”, presented at the Council on Education in Management seminar, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


December 8, 1999
Instructor: “Workers’ Compensation Update”, presented at the Baton Rouge Bar Association “CLE by the Hour” seminar, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

July 15, 1999
Instructor: “Workers’ Compensation Hearings in Louisiana”, presented at the National Business Institute seminar, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


February 9, 1999
Instructor: “Workers’ Compensation – Occupational Disease”, presented at the Baton Rouge Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Section seminar

Reviewing the Laws

Some Representative Cases Include:

Medical Malpractice

During the night, an IV that had been inserted in a vein in a small child’s foot was dislodged. This resulted in third degree chemical burns leading to weeks of painful debridement. Fortunately, the foot was saved.

Jones Act Seaman

A tug boat crew member attempted to transfer from the dock back to his tug.  He reached for a chain designed to assist crew members in this situation, but the structure to which it was attached had rusted through and gave way. The crew member fell about thirty feet to the deck of the tug, where he suffered a catastrophic back injury.

Premise Liability

While dusting a light fixture, a cleaning person inserted a dust cloth into a light globe. Unfortunately, the inspection performed by the apartment maintenance personnel did not discover that the bulb was broken. The base of the bulb was still in the socket and was active. The resulting electrocution threw the Plaintiff from the ladder and resulted in a debilitating back injury.

Premise Liability

The roof of a store was improperly maintained, allowing it to leak rainwater onto the floor, creating an avoidable hazard. The client, who was shopping at the time, slipped as she walked through this puddle, severely injuring her knee.

Workers Compensation

A student at LSU was employed during the summer at a machine shop. During his work, and in violation of known safety regulations, he was not provided any protective wear, nor was he given a respirator. Years later, he was diagnosed with hard lung disease which eventually will require a double lung replacement.

Medical Malpractice

A patient was diagnosed with breast cancer, and when her doctor reviewed the radiographic films, he determined that the lymph nodes under her arms also needed to be removed. Unfortunately, after the surgery, it was determined there was no cancer in the lymph nodes. She still sufferers from pain, limited arm movement, and swelling.

Truck Accident

At a convenience store, an 18-wheeler attempting to refuel struck a large storage pod of overflow inventory, causing an employee of the store to be buried under metal supply shelves.


A longshoreman was assisting in de-constructing a rig. He and another worker would each pick up a length of pipe, place it on their shoulders, and carry it to the loading area. When the longshoreman tripped, he fell to the deck while still holding the pipe, suffering numerous injuries.

Truck Accident

Two school teachers were returning home when a truck used to haul soybeans ran a stop sign, crushing the vehicle. Both teachers sustained multiple injuries requiring lengthy medical care, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.


An iron worker was assisting in taking down a portion of a plant. He was walking along an I-beam, when fellow employees decided to create a “pipe bomb” as a prank. The resulting explosion shook the entire plant, and the iron worker was thrown off the beam and injured when his safety harness swung him into an adjacent structure. He suffered a significant back injury as a result.

Premise Liability

A truck driver drove to a plant that produces gasoline. His job was to transfer the fuel from the facility to his waiting tanker truck. This is done by a hose that rotates overhead, much like the hose at your car wash. As the truck neared capacity, the worker attempted to shut off the valve. It malfunctioned, causing the truck driver to be doused in gasoline, causing extensive chemical burns to his skin. To this day, the truck driver cannot be exposed to sunlight for long periods.

Workers Compensation

A construction worker was cutting a tree to clear a construction site. As he was cutting, the wind picked up and pushed the tree toward the worker, who panicked and ran. The tree crushed him, inflicting sever injuries and leaving the worker in a coma. After several years, he passed away from complications, never waking from this coma.


A longshoreman was inspecting a platform scheduled for demolition. Unbeknownst to him, there was a large hole cut in the metal grating. During the inspection, he fell to his death through the hole.

Motorcycle Accident

A woman was delivering used baby clothes to a friend. As she began a legal turn, her car was struck by a motorcycle travelling at sufficient speed to penetrate the cabin of her car. She suffered a neck injury and numerous cuts and scrapes

Automobile Accident

Mr. Hebert’s client was driving to work when another vehicle lost control, causing a head-on collision that resulted in a severe neck injury.

Workers Compensation

A worker was laying pipe in a trench when the trench walls collapsed. After his co-workers successfully dug him free, it was determine that he had suffered a severe back injury.

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