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The Best Result For You


Your attorney should possess hard-won expertise, thorough legal knowledge, and a dedication to the best interests of the client.


Those are the qualities you look for in an attorney you can trust, an attorney like Michael L. Hebert.


No amount of advertising can replace his experience, hard work, and commitment. 


Mr. Hebert’s extensive experience in Maritime and Admiralty Law, medical malpractice, and personal injury means he has what it takes to defend the rights of injured people from all walks of life, whether that injury came at the hands of a negligent employer, an over-worked doctor, or a drunk driver.

Injuries tear the fabric of your life, and the right legal advice, learned by decades of practice in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and social security disability are what you need to put things back together. 

But that demands meticulous attention to all the details and potential pitfalls that follow in the wake of an accident, and that means putting the interests of the client first in every way.

A quick settlement can put money in your hands fast, but can it make right all the things that have gone wrong?

How much of that money will actually make its way to your wallet?

Who will pay your medical bills after that quick check?

And how might that fast check affect your eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? 

An attorney chasing a quick buck might not care.

Michael L. Hebert does.

He specializes in looking for details others might miss, and he can assess which outcomes are best for you in the long run.

Michael searches for more – more for you, more for your family, and more for your future.
Choosing a law firm is about you. 

Make the right choice: Michael L. Hebert.


Are you ready to get back to your life?


Automobile Accidents  Truck Accidents  Plant Explosions
Defective Scaffolds  Chemical Exposure  Chemical Releases  Slip and Falls
Medical Malpractice  Maritime  Jones Act  Longshoreman
Boat Collisions Workers Compensation  Social Security Disability 
Long Term Disability  Short Term Disability Prescription Errors  
Defective Drug  Road Defects  Electrocution  Defective Products  
Environmental Spills  Construction Accidents

Explosion Burns  Train Collisions  Legal Malpractice

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